Becky Hobden

Senior Copywriter


The Maudsley Charity

The Maudsley Charity had never fundraised from the public before, and they needed a big concept for their five-year mental health campaign. They described their new initiative as a ‘sliding doors’ moment, and wanted work that would make a splash, raise money and create brand awareness at the same time.

It had to align with young people and resonate with older audiences, feel positive but not over-promise. We needed to make it active for fundraising, whilst being careful to not diminish the hard work needed for personal recovery.

I’m really happy with where we ended up.

My elevator pitch kicked off our creative development - and remained the cornerstone of the campaign as we worked through all the deliverables.

Developing the look and feel - we didn't want anything that felt too 'NHS GP waiting room poster'. This had to feel bold.

My favourite part of the campaign - these moving case study films that really demonstrate the moment that Maudsley helped to Change The Story. First up is Molly, who struggled with an eating disorder...

And then James, who was living with extreme OCD.

We created a huge suite of engagement and paid social ads for both older and younger parent audiences, using DCO to get the best results where possible.

And mapped out the entire donation journey, from website to landing page to share asks and more.

Of course leading us into a strategic email journey, guiding our cash givers towards making valuable regular gifts.

This campaign only launched in January 2021 - but early results are looking great, with our launch videos gaining 15K views in just a couple of hours. More numbers to follow!

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