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I know you’re not supposed to put this stuff in your portfolio, but, oh well. Here’s one that got away…

This was our pitch work for WWF’s 2016 Christmas campaign. We didn’t win (JWT did) which was a shame, as I think the work was really strong.

Roarsome, if you will.

I’ll leave now.

As a starting point, we were asked to create a big TV moment.

And consider how that big TV moment could be used to further engagement online with WWF’s warm supporters.

We needed to consider the digital youth market - reaching out to influencers and creating a bit of a buzz.

And then develop an IRL PR event – something that would get people talking BUT also make money at the same time.

We decided to leave 3,890 toy tigers in Leicester Square (the same amount as left in the world).

We wanted people to take the tigers. That's why each one came attached to a card with an ask and clear CTA. The card also activated AR when scanned with a phone, showing a tiger being hunted in the wild.

Everything had a purpose - this couldn't just be a stunt for stunt's sake.

For an added bit of street theatre, we added these audio spotlights. When someone stepped on the trap, they would hear an almighty roar – and then engage with their tiger-filled surroundings.

We needed to consider how our campaign would wash across the online microsite - how could we create even more engagement at the point of donation?

And crucially, not forgetting our very valuable banker channels - the classic Christmas DM pack.

And to finish, a little bit of the old school.

A long copy ad born out of the loss of legends in 2016 - Rickman, Ali, Bowie, bloody PRINCE for Christ's sake.

  • For One Mighty Roar

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