Becky Hobden

Senior Copywriter



Unicef wanted to inspire baby boomers to leave a generous gift in their Will.

Boomers are the richest, healthiest generation that has ever lived – and they get a lot of stick for it. We needed a campaign that made it clear they had a responsibility to help out – but without pointing fingers or making demands.

We Are The Generation was a nostalgic celebration that showed our potential donors the impact they’d already had on the world – and crucially, the wonderful difference they could make in the future.

Our work was shortlisted for Best Legacy Campaign at the Institute of Fundraising Awards 2017.

Our nostalgic TV ad, launching We Are The Generation into the world...

The first step in the digital journey - banner ads directing interested parties to our exciting personalised timeline...

Getting reach on Facebook too - a well known baby boomer hangout. Sorry boomer.

To build engagement before our big ask, we gave all potential donors their own personalised timeline, showing their place alongside BIG moments in recent history.

After warming them up, we started the soft legacy asks - the first step towards securing that very valuable gift.

With a continued online journey, we kept our prospects warm to the idea of a legacy gift, nudging them closer every time.

Our campaign also stretched out into print to reach cold prospects.

Alongside our initial campaign, we also created a legacy information brochure, interactive microsite and further optimised all our digital ads.

This campaign was hugely successful for Unicef - and if you do a bit of digging, you'll see that the messaging/timeline is still being used three years later!

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